Verse from the Veda about Sacred Space

People who follow the earthly religions worship inside buildings, where in many places worship has stopped because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Some of the structures are ordinary looking, but many are extremely ostentatious.

Christians like to worship in houses of worship called churches, and some in huge cathedrals. Catholics worship in cathedrals or basilicas, Hindus in a temple called a Mandir. Muslims pray in mosques, Japanese Buddhists in shrines, other Buddhists in temples or a place in people’s homes. Sikhs worship in a fancy temple called a Gurwara, and followers of the Judaic religion worship in a synagogue.

To become a devotee of any of the earthly religions leads to much the same result. A follower will live and die upon the earth to be born again upon the earth, life after life upon the earth while heaven is around. I do not follow or admire any of the earthly religions because their teaching is full of misinformation, and ultimately a dead end road to follow. Followers of the religion of heaven do not worship in fancy temples, shrines, cathedrals, or structures of any kind, they worship in the fields and forests of the earth, and these places are safe to worship in right now.

Here is a verse from the Veda about Sacred Space.

The air comes from the temple of space and is a Sacred Place beyond suffering. To bestow the breath with blessings to all to enter and to become vast for devotion and hold steady, to become an immortal and movement ceases.


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