Verse from the Veda for Healing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

I hope that everyone is aware of the threat of the covid-19 virus and is taking the necessary steps to remain healthy and alive in the coming days and weeks. Hopefully you have heard that it is best to avoid large groups of people in confined spaces, keep space between other people, wash your hands, avoid touching your face, and so on, and here are a few other ideas to put in your toolbox.

A Juice diet (carrots) or water for 1-3 days and lots of Vitamin C, 1 gram per hour or so. Garlic has strong antiviral activity, 2 caps 3x daily. Drink plenty of water and sufficient rest.

Many people have the herb, Thyme, around the house and it inhibits the growth and development of germs. It has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Useful in chronic respiratory and lung problems, throat and bronchial problems, and the onset of colds and influenza. 2 tsp. per cup of boiling water, steep 10 min. 3x daily, but avoid continual use as it hinders mineral absoption.

For many people, Ginger is a panacea. It covers the main symtoms of the infection, chest and lung congestion, sinus congestion, fevers, runny nose, aches and pains, colds, influenza, and coughs. 5-8 thin slices of Ginger in water, simmer 10 min. 3-5x daily.

Spend time outside in the sunlight as light is a natural disinfectant. The Veda says light is cleansing and purifies the body. It says roaring aloud AH to and from heaven is cleansing to the body and mind, and filling up for holding to AH is the basis of happiness. Although not critical here, something to consider a little later. Check it out and see if the teaching is true. It is good to know the truth and not follow a lie.

Since it is wise to stay away from people, do that, and make use of your time for meditation and acquaint yourself with the Sacred Teaching. In religious circles, it is called a retreat, and highly valued among devotees.

Here is a verse from the Veda for Healing During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The faithful are the best for encouraging the unfaithful to stop, to offer a mantra to think about, AH to sanctify, and water results in producing the intention for water along with AH is healing.

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