Verse from the Veda to Urge People to be Different

Every so often, I have difficulty making a decision, but luckily, most of the time it comes down to a simple issue of going or staying. I can easily weigh the options, but sometimes cannot decide, and in cases like that, I resort to divination. There are many ways to divine, some very elaborate that reveal lots of useful information, and some simple like the one I’m about to describe. As you can discern from the name, you are asking the divine, the celestial, for help on the earth, and I take it as a sacred action.

For this divination, I have a coin-size flat rock with an engraved image similar to the Milky Way Galaxy on one side, no image on the other. One side represents God who is without form and the other is the Goddess who has form. I will say a short prayer and state my question, and in this case, “Should I stay or go?”

I flip the rock into the heavens and let it fall unto the earth. If the rock comes up with no image, God says, “Go and have fun and harm no one.” If the rock comes up with an image, the Goddess says, “Stay and beautify the home in meditation.”

The hope is that eventually a person will master the meditations, and to master the meditations, the text says happiness results, to happily go and help others overcome suffering.

Such is the teaching. Do not harm any breathing creature that cries. Since the teaching is peaceful existence with animals, birds, fish, and such, a vegetarian diet is critical. You have no chance, zero, of tasting the delights of heaven by harming others, and upon the earth, you have the choice.

The Milky Way Galaxy contains well over 100 billion planets, and likely thousands of habitable planets like the earth. No matter how many planets sentient beings inhabit, the Holy Teaching of the Divine Absolute is the same. I have enough familiarity with the earthly religions of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism to know that they have diverged from the Heavenly Way, and likely the same misfortune throughout the galaxy, but hopefully not.

Here is a verse from the Veda to urge people to be different.

The mantras to praise urge all people to be giving yet people are much the same and seek to be different, but the way to win the joy of heaven is to be the same and become majestic with a breath from heaven.

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