Verse from the Veda on Preparing for Enlightenment

It appears that some of Trump’s supporters are getting annoyed at his inappropriate language, and specifically, asking God to damn someone. I think any religious person should find his behavior and policies appalling, not just his language. I think they should become sick in the stomach knowing that women fleeing violence who arrive at America’s border have their young children taken from them. Yes, babies ripped from their arms, and it appears some children will never be reunited because the government does not know their whereabouts. In fact, they do not even know how many children are involved… it could be thousands. I have heard five or six thousand children were separated, and it is heartbreaking to hear how traumatized the young children have become, some not knowing their parents, or were scared of them after months of separation. These kids are being traumatized for life, and I would think any religious person would feel extremely sick about it.

I think that a religious person would be turned-off listening to Trump call people fleeing violence in Central America: animals, rapists, killers, drug dealers, and so on, when likely, the majority are Catholic. I think they would get tired and bored listening to Trump lie all the time. When I hear him on television, he is making something up and yelling, verbally attacking someone or something. His language is coarse, but worse are his actions and policies of cruelty when the religious position is kindness and helpfulness to anyone, no matter the sex, sexual or religious preference, race, young, old, whatever.

Here is a verse from the Veda on preparing for enlightenment.

Suffering is taken away by crossing to heaven and being consumed by fire pleases the Highest who is resting because of the faculty that perceives individuality, but to be together with the Sacred Knowledge to live for another and acts of devotion and careful analysis prepare for enlightenment.

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