Verse from the Veda about the Body and the Funeral Pyre

From a survey taken a few years ago, I find that 75% of Americans claim to be of the Christian faith, yet I see a country extremely violent. Every couple of weeks a mass shooting occurs because someone does not like people of another race or religion.

It is unfortunate that the Bible is translated so poorly because those of the faith can claim many ungodly activities as righteous. You find homophobia, sexism, racism, and an excessive amount of killing, whereas, in the Veda, the Holy Teaching of Heaven, you find non-discrimination and treating others as family. Those who practice the teaching do not kill people, animals, birds, and so on. Any creature that cries and grasps for the breath is treated with compassion, and as such, they do not possess a gun and eat a vegetarian diet. And even if only 75% of the country followed the commandment of not killing, this country would be far less violent.

Such is the teaching, and if one wants to taste the fruits of heaven, such is the way.

Here is a verse from the Veda about the body and the funeral pyre.

The body to serve is appropriate for a funeral pyre; the agreement is to be born a child, but to be out of to call on to agree to be together for Not Born to be born.

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