Verse from the Veda about Protecting Another

I was 10 years old in 1960, and since that time, there has been a huge moral decline in the people of the United States. In 1960, my parents did not lock the house, or car, and when I got a bike, I did not get a lock. I could leave the bike anywhere and it was always there to ride home.

People were more civil at that time, although in the country there was bigotry, racism, sexism just as today, but nowhere near the outward, public display of it. People augured and had fights, but no one I knew carried a gun. I never carried a gun, never hunted, do not believe in killing, but I was not a goody two-shoes. Some of the people I hung around with ended up in juvenile detention or prison, but none carried a gun.

There is a staggering degree of violence in the country these days. It seems as though a mass shooting occurs weekly, many prompted by racial hatred. As a remedy, I suggest that those of the persuasion, go towards a person of a different race, and rather than harm, talk to them… get to know them a little and you might discover that you like them. I live in a neighborhood that is racially diverse and we get along. There are many culturally diverse restaurants and shops in the neighborhood where we shop and eat together in peace. I enjoy living in a racially diverse area as it offers more choices and opportunities to thrive. Everyone benefits from this arrangement, and I suggest everyone give it a try.

Here is a verse from the Veda about protecting another person.

Regarding anyone for protecting is substantial and to go towards to be together for giving with AH and a shine to flow the Knowledge of Heaven.

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