Verse from the Veda About the Value of Being Spiritual

One of the two great epics of ancient India is believed to be a narrative of an ancient war, but is actually a narrative about being spiritual. The text is associated with Hinduism, but is the teaching to become a Buddha. A Buddha is free from suffering and lives for the suffering to foster happiness, non-violence, non-discrimination, so that all can enjoy life upon the earth.

The verse says that you can attain certainty by becoming spiritual, and to become spiritual, become a caring person and foster non-violence and non-discrimination. A spiritual person does not harm or kill another breathing creature, and is not a sponsor of the killing or harming of another. There are many degrees of being spiritual but to reach a state of certainty, it is necessary to be a caring vegetarian who fosters peace and happiness for all.

All the time, people suffer and die because of an unfortunate situation, but this great epic, says that you can overcome and attain a favorable fortune and certainty by being a spiritual person.

Here is the beginning of a verse from the Veda about the value of being spiritual.

To be spiritual for a favorable fortune and certainty…

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