Verse from the Veda for Refreshing Oneself

Ahura Mazda is the name given to the Highest Spirit in the Avesta and the Zoroastrian religion. The common meaning of the word Ahura is mighty or lord and Mazda is wisdom. However, unbeknown to those of the faith is the fact that the name begins with the Sacred Syllable of AH, the single syllable mantra to chant to connect to the Highest Spirit. Around 1500 BC, the oldest parts of the Avesta were scribed in the Gathic Language, and the Rigveda was scribed in Sanskrit. The two texts are similar in philosophy, but the Avesta is different in structure because the Highest Spirit composed every verse of the text, similar to every other ancient spiritual text except the Rigveda. In the Rigveda, various Rishis are in dialogue with the Creator and the Rgvedaschool has translated verses from the text that reference the Vada, the First Veda of the Magians, and I believe the Avesta is that spiritual text.

Here is a verse from the First Veda of the Magians for Refreshing.

To bring into the state with the air, to AH for refreshing with and for the cause for those, the fourth note of the scale to send forth.

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