Verse from the Veda for the Cause

A Caring Woman Giving Water to a Traveler

I was born in the United States about seventy years ago in an exclusively white town and I will never forget how fearful the residents became when an African-American family moved in. The house was spray painted by some people, but the family persisted in staying. During my high school years, I became friends with the only black student and the two Native American students. They were wonderful friends, and their families, and to this day, we are still friends.

I love meeting people from other nationalities, and a couple of years ago, a close friend fell and broke a bone in her leg. When I visited her in the hospital, I noticed that the staff was likely from every part of the world. It was fantastic, the family of the earth working together.

I will always love meeting new people, but today I mourn, because of the racist president and the racist policies of the current administration of the United States.

Here is a verse from the Veda for the Cause.

To take away sin the Beloved of the World are rejoicing and giving well-being with the love of a mother for abandoning disrespect, and for the cause to love approaching with prayers.

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