Verse from the Veda about Shining Like the Shining Ones

The inept translations of the world’s most ancient spiritual texts written in Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Avestan, Pali, Sanskrit, and so on, are a problem. As of 2018, there is no translated religious text associated with any religion even close to the true teaching of the Divine Absolute and the world is in a state of confusion because of it. No person upon the earth has known and mastered the Holy Path for a long time, and the proof, a Messiah has not walked the earth in thousands of years. Key features of the Savior are the compassion for all life and the ability to shine with light, not just a glow about the head as in religious paintings, but a body of light. If you do not see that in your Guru, Spiritual Leader, Pope, Christ, and so on, such a person has work to do on mastering the path.

There are millions of very devoted spiritual people living upon the earth today, just as in the past, yet not even one has been able to shine with light during the past few thousand years. To be shining with light is a qualification of an Enlightened Being, and to be, a being must be virtuous and master the vocal techniques. Brahma says it is critical for you to know and master the way or repeated rebirth and suffering upon the earth is the result.

Here is a verse from the Veda about shining like the Shining Ones.

The flow is limited, but to AH as the Shining Ones to respect for to come to be pure with AH, and to set the mind on to be present with to be similar with a brightness to meditate on together.

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