Verse from the Veda to be Glad About


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The Christian Religion is similar to Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, and so on, in being based upon an extremely poor translation of the Sacred Knowledge of the Supreme Spirit Pervading the Universe. The Holy Scripture of Christianity is composed in the Aramaic and Hebrew Languages and is the Word of God, yes indeed, but it has been translated by humans as poorly as all the other ancient religious texts of the world, and without an accurate translation of the Sacred Texts, the religions are misguided.

Until an accurate translation of the Bible appears, it is best to distance oneself from the religion and follow the teaching that appears here. The Rgvedaschool has not translated everything, but everything it has translated is consistent and easy to understand. The teaching is to be happy, kind, and helpful to others, yes, treat others as family, and all living creatures are family.

Even though the translations of the Bible are not accurate, some verses can be used to further the Holy Teaching. For example, here is a verse from the Veda, from the Bible, Psalms 118: 24.

This is the day which the Creator has made,

Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

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