Verse from the Veda to Study to Understand the Holy Teaching of God

The Gay Pride Flag

A very controversial 2016 law took effect in the State of Mississippi last month that gives government workers and private business people the freedom to discriminate against people. The law’s specific purpose is to protect people who deny services to people of the LGBTQ community, such as denying marriage licenses, but can be used broadly.

It is said that the “law ensures people are not penalized for refusing to participate in “immoral” activities,” but discrimination is an immoral activity. The message from God in Heaven is to treat all people and creatures of the earth as family, so it is time for Christians to wake up.

The problem with Christianity is that they have a Holy Book they claim to be the Word of God, and they use it to justify ungodly actions such as this. The various portions of the Bible composed in Hebrew and Aramaic are indeed the Word of God, but the many horrendous translations of the text into English, French, German, and so on, are not. Because of that, the Bible is a very dangerous book that gives adherents the ability to justify all manner of unrighteous actions.

Christianity is the world’s largest religion comprising about a third of the world’s population, yet even now, not one of them has discovered how to translate the Holy Text. For those who do not want to wait, they can leave the religion, quit, study the correct translations on this site, and turn their life around. There is no other opportunity in the world today. Therefore, you see, there are choices, and freedom from suffering is the goal.

Here is a verse from the Veda to study to understand the Holy Teaching of God.

Choose to be like a loving parent to a child, a kin to a stranger, and be chosen as a friend of the Highest Friend.

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