Verse from the Veda for a Day of Enjoyment

Although the Rigveda is of the Oral Tradition and passed on from generation to generation through the spoken word, the Sacred Knowledge was, however, written down many thousands of years ago. The text is composed in Sanskrit, widely recognized as a Sacred Language and in Sanskrit, Rigveda means the Sacred Text of the Sacred Knowledge. There are many texts of this nature and they are called Shruti because they were listened too. Many religions, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, claim to adhere to Shruti, but the sad fact is, what they believe is Shruti is not. It is not Shruti because the verses have not been fully translated, and please, read the section on how the Sacred Text has been translated on this site to understand the problem. The Sacred Teaching of the Creator of the Universe has been manipulated to serve the wrong purpose and consequently, no enlightened being has walked the earth in many thousands of years. But to AH for good fortune, and for those who are interested, the Rgvedaschool has fully translated the ancient teaching so that the steps to enlightenment are made clear.

Please bear in mind that the breathing techniques to become a Buddha have not been mastered, but when that happens, everyone will know. A Buddha will have a body of light and knowledge and from the light, Brahma, the Divine Absolute, will speak the Sacred Knowledge utilizing the breath held within. This will be big news because no one has done that in many thousands of years. It will be the most amazing thing anyone has seen… so wonderful that the Sacred Syllable AH will naturally flow from the mouth of a witness.

Here is a verse from the Veda for a life of enjoyment.

Moving tortuously goes when you make the sound of AH in the fourth note of the scale sharp for the act of cutting off to be devoted to the suffering, to be a Protector of those to have the Heavenly Breath, and heaven cherishes devotion to offering from the heart with unconditional love.

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