Verse from the Veda for the Day to be Awakened

The Papyrus of Ani is an illustrated manuscript with cursive hieroglyphs created in Egypt around 1300 BC. The papyrus scroll was originally 78 feet in length and a little over 1 foot in width, but before shipping it to the British Museum where it remains today, Sir Wallis Budge cut it into 37 sheets. The manuscript discovered in Thebes is a compilation of a few scribes, including Ani. The book is commonly known as the Book of the Dead, as it supposedly contains spells and such to help the dead during the afterlife.

By the time the Papyrus of Ani was produced, the knowledge it contained had already vanished from the earth. It is not a text about helping the dead, as translators believe, but texts for helping living beings attain the Heavenly State while upon the earth. It contains the same knowledge the Shining Ones, Magians, Buddhas, Messiahs, Priest Kings, and so on, utilized to attain a state of enlightenment. Copied upon the document are the Words of God, passed down generation to generation via word of mouth, until hieroglyphics entered the picture. The key to understanding the ancient texts, such as this, is their correct translation, and for that, one needs to know the way.

The Egyptians thought the scroll contained various spells and discussed mummifying bodies for the afterlife; however, it discusses the Holy Breath and advances the thought of becoming a Buddha. To do that a person gives everything away to the community, moves into the woods to live with a Master, and masters the breathing practices for living in heavenly bliss with the Heavenly One. Once enlightenment was gained, the Awakened returned to the community for giving to all the living, and illustrated the Holy Way by shining with light upon the earth.

Here is a small portion of the Hymn of Osiris from the Papyrus of Ani.

From the sky, the air goes into for serving as the Protector, and the glow helps in understanding the Sacred Text.

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