Verse from the Veda to Study to Follow the Holy Teaching

Woman Giving Water to a Traveler

The Sacred Teaching of Heavenly Father and Mother disappeared as a recognized religion long ago, but it is still around. Another student of the school just returned from the Farmer’s Market, where she met a person sewing dollar bills together for the common good. She gave the person a dollar and received a certificate that says, “Thank you for your investment in the idea that we are all in this together!” Well, that is the Sacred Teaching. As she walked in, I was listening to Buju Banton’s CD called Before the Dawn, and in some of the songs, he sings the Sacred Teaching. When I turned on the CD player, letters of light displayed the word “Hello.” Well, the teaching says that it is a virtue to stop in the presence of another and say hello for that is how two people come together. Groups of real living Superheroes are beginning to appear in many big cities around the country, and they are practicing the teaching of unselfish giving to others. They generally hide behind masks because what they do is more important than who they are. That is the Sacred Teaching. They roam the cities going towards the homeless and disadvantaged to help, to give water and the necessities for living. That is the teaching, and today, they are living examples of the oldest philosophy upon the earth. If you want to see the Holy Teaching in action avoid the lavish halls of worship and hit the streets, and there you will find the teaching of caring for others in action.

Here is a verse from the Veda to study to follow the Holy Teaching.

To possess supremacy the heroic deed of the Prince, a Buddha, is the compassion to stay for a coverer, the act of cutting off for devotion to a wicked person and Whom (in heaven) to call on for conciliation.

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