Verse from the Veda of the Breath to Become a Master

A Vast Universe to Enjoy. Picture from NASA and the Hubble Telescope.

The life giving aspect of the air we breathe is the Eternal Spirit Pervading the Universe, or in other words, God. The breath rules the world and fits the definition of God like a glove, for the moment the breath stops, the cover, the body dies. Every movement in the universe requires the wind and for humans the wind for movement comes with the breath. The wind carries the Sacred Knowledge of the Breath, the very mantras of the Ṛigveda, and to say that the wind carries the knowledge presupposes a speaker. The speaker, in this case, is the Divine Absolute, and the Supreme Teaching is to be kind and helpful to all, and rise to heaven in Heavenly Bliss. Yes, and isn’t it amazing, everyone is given the breath of life to do just that, yes everyone, without exception. With a mastery of the knowledge and the breathing techniques, the Creator sleeping within will awaken with the Holy Light and personally speak the Holy Verses utilizing the life giving air held within the belly.

Here is a verse from the Veda of the Holy Breath to become a master.

To honor the AH Breath to be powerful and quit,

and cast aside to and from to be still with.

On the earth you stay with the Authority,

to prepare the way for the brightness,

and for the knowledge to rise.


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