Verse from the Veda to Study to Become a Master

Hate Groups on the Rise in the United State – 2016

I ran across a discouraging study by the Southern Poverty Law Center that was posted by Aljazeera News last week. It is hugely disappointing that there has been a rise in hate groups within the United States over the last couple of years, because to Holy Teaching is to be compassionate to others.

I am not looking forward to seeing the study with this year’s data included, because when the United States has an acting president that fits into three, if not four categories, it could get worse. It is a dangerous trend that must be reversed or the people of the country are in for dangerous times.

When times get tough, those walking the Holy Path do not give up on being helpful to others. They treat others of the earth like family, because they are. Everyone is related upon the earth. It does not matter where people live or what religion they follow or not. It does not matter if you are a male or a female, black or white, we are all in this together upon the earth.

Here is a verse from the Veda to study to become a Master.

To be a Master to seek the blessings of the Highest Guru, the Spiritual Guide of Everyone, and the action to love for seeking is to AH in an identical manner. It is true, and the Lord offers the Sacred Knowledge and a Presence to be pleased with forever.

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  1. Hi Rishi, You have a wonderful post and site, it is very informative. I am wondering why the other experts in the field do not notice this. Please continue to write on the subject. Oscar


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