Verse from the Veda for Praising the Lord

All Creatures Praise the Lord by Chanting AH

All Creatures Praise the Lord by Chanting AH

The Rgvedaschool is an obscure site on the web, although a few people have found it. I am happy about that, but really do not know how they found the site, because when I typed Rigveda or Rigveda Hymns and searched with Google, the site did not appear. Instead, all manner of sites were discovered propounding completely incorrect information about the ancient text. It was highly disappointing.

What is not disappointing is that you have found the site, and I encourage you to ask any questions you might have. I suspect that you are interested in the Rigveda or religion, and in either case, likely associate with a particular religion or spiritual practice. The spiritual teaching you will find here has similarities and differences with the major religions of today, so I encourage you to read all of the pages and posts on this site to become familiar with the root of all religions. If you do that, I am of the opinion that you will discover a completely cohesive religious philosophy for living peacefully upon the earth. I definitely want you to understand the teaching Heavenly Father has given us to live as one big happy family upon Mother Earth, so if you have questions, please ask.

The many translations of the Rigveda from Sanskrit into English are known to be terrible, but the translations of the Holy Book, the Bible, from the Hebrew and Aramaic texts is just as appalling. Nevertheless, there are acceptable verses in both books, and the school has utilized some of them with a little tweaking to be in line with the Sacred Text. For example, here is a verse from the Bible: Psalms, Hymn 148, Verse 3.

Here is a verse from the Veda for Praising the Lord.

Praise heaven for giving the light,

And the sun and moon,

And to praise the Lord of all the stars of heaven,

By giving to all upon the earth.



rgvedaschool winter ground


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