Verse from the Veda for Joining Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth Yantra

I consider all of the ancient spiritual texts on the earth to be the Veda, the Sacred Knowledge of Brahma, the Creator of the Universe. The Aramaic and Hebrew texts of the Bible, the Arabic text of the Quran, the Avestan texts of the Avesta, the Sanskrit texts of the Rigveda, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, Brahma Sutras, Shiva Sutras, and so on are the Veda.

The Veda is composed in a Sacred Text and when it is translated as such rather than a common language, the same religious teaching is advanced in each. Such is the case because the composer is the same. In ancient times, Brahma spoke the mantras through the Enlightened Ones, those you had mastered the teaching. That was many thousands of years ago, but the mantras were memorized and passed on from generation to generation from mouth to ear until they were written down in the various languages.

Today, there are many religions based upon the ancient texts, but unfortunately, they are based upon the common translation and not the sacred. Because of that, the religions are different, misinformation abounds and those who follow the words will not attain the promised result.

Below is a translation of a Hebrew verse from the Bible, Psalm: 68.4 and it is based upon the common translation of the words. Because of that, it is not entirely correct, but for now, I will overlook that, because what I want to point out is that the Hebrew l-aleim of the verse is often translated as Elohim in English. It is often translated as God although the word means Goddess with the im masculine ending, so it is God and Goddess. In addition, if you look up the word Virāj in the Sanskrit Dictionary, you will find that it means Ruler, Sovereign, Queen, Cosmic Feminine Force, or Brahma divided himself into male and female. Brahma divided into God of Heaven and Goddess of Earth, so Brahma is the Ruler of Everything, and creates, sustains, and populates the universe.

 Here is a verse from the Veda for joining heaven and earth.

! לֵ אהִ ים l· זַמְּ רוּ n! שְׁ מ סֹ לּוּ !

shiru l·aleim zmru shm·u slu


Sing to the God and Goddess,

And to make up a melody with AH,

To make a highway to you.



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