Verse from the Veda for Spending Time with the Eternal One

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As mentioned in the last post, Brahma is the Divine Absolute and Nara – the Eternal Spirit Pervading the Universe. To create the universe, Brahma separated into two parts, heaven and earth. The Eternal One surrounds and pervades everything so there is no place you will be without. All living beings and objects are matter, earth, and the space between living beings and objects is heaven. As you might think, living beings are not completely earth. Because we live on the Heavenly Breath and the air moves everything in the body, it is no surprise that the Holy Text recommends drawing in a large amount of air for holding in the belly. Such is an important meditation on the Path of Brahma, and more about that can be found in the various pages of this site, such as the section called Meditation.

Here is a verse from the Veda for spending time with the Eternal One.

The Lord is bounteous to be a shelter, for a chanter to shelter to be enriched with the wisdom to chant, the Shining Ones abide by the mantras and the righteous action to draw in the air for holding at sunrise for to rise in to send forth the knowledge.

The Supreme Spirit dwells within all beings and the mightiest fill with the Power, to be vast with the air for the light and for blessing all with the Wisdom of the Wind, to praise with AH to be brilliant and joyful and to flow with the truth to chant.

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