Verse from the Veda for the Day in Heavenly Bliss

Arp 273

Nara in Sanskrit refers to the Eternal Spirit Pervading the Universe, and Nārāyaṇa refers to Brahma. Brahma, the Divine Absolute, surrounds and pervades everything. To create the universe, Brahma separated in male and female, God of Heaven and Goddess of Earth. Heaven and earth are outside of us for a place to exist and inside of us for rising to heaven. Brahma separates out of love for all beings, separates for comparison, for conceptions, and without that, there is no thought but one.

Brahma is called Grandfather, because all of us upon the earth are the sons and daughters of the God and Goddess. Brahma is also called the Creator, the Eternal One, the Protector, Namely, the Universal, the Unborn, and so on. Brahma has many names, and what is important to know is that we are all related to the same Divine Parents for the hope of living upon the earth as one big happy family. If we want, we can say that we are the son or daughter of God or the Goddess, but why, it is the same for everyone.

Here is a mantra from the Veda for the Day in Heavenly Bliss.

To have ears to hear and eyes to see the goodness of God,

And to gladly sing praise,

For to have firm limbs and a body,

And a lifetime to happily call on heaven for.

Lizard with Rocks on the Ground

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