Verse from the Veda, the Sacred Knowledge, to Know

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In the last post, I gave a transliteration of the Sacred Text of Heavenly Father in Hebrew to Roman characters. It was a verse from the Old Testament of the Bible, Chapter 20, and Verse 13 of Leviticus, and here it is again.

wə·’îš ’ă·šer yiš·kaḇ ’eṯ- zā·ḵār miš·kə·ḇê ’iš·šāh tō·w·‘ê·ḇāh ‘ā·śū šə·nê·hem; mō·wṯ yū·mā·ṯū də·mê·hem bām

The common translation of the verse did not appear, but appears in the many versions of the Bible, such as the Wycliffe’s Bible, the King James Bible, God’s Word Translation, English Revised Version, Douay-Rheims Bible, and so on. All the translations of the verses are inaccurate, blasphemous, and far removed from the Holy Words of Father in Heaven. I know that because I have translated many verses from the Bible, Rigveda, Quran, Bhagavad Gita, Pali Texts, Yoga Sutras, Brahma Sutras, Shiva Sutras, and on and on, and when you accurately translate any of the ancient spiritual texts, all transmit a consistent message of peace and kindness to all.

Since most people have never taken the time to translate the ancient texts, you might wonder how you can know what they actually say, but think about it. How would the Creator want you to act? You can discover the God of Every Living Creature in the living portion of the breath, and it comes with love to every creature of land, water, and air. God does not discriminate, we are all God’s Children – one big family upon the earth, and the teaching is to be kind and helpful to all.

In the previous post, I stated that all the books deemed holy upon the earth should be burnt. To be clear, the Holy Text is composed in many ancient languages, but the translation of those texts into English, Italian, German, French, or whatever, should be burned because they lead a person down the wrong path.

Here is a verse from the Holy Knowledge, spoken upon the earth a long time ago by Heavenly Father.

With compassion the Holy One rises in a mover and to AH to lead home, for giving and tranquility I am powerful and speedy approaching for fulfillment and a song, a virtue to be friendly as the air you carry knows.

By the way, you can discover the Holy Text composed in Hebrew and Aramaic at Biblehub.

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