Verse from the Veda to Consider

Vyasa - Believed to have scribed the Rigveda around 3,000 BC.

Vyasa – Believed to have scribed the Rigveda around 3,000 BC.

The other day in Tando Adam, Pakistan, a man was arrested for selling shoes carrying the Sanskrit syllable “Om” which means “yes” or “so be it.” For some reason, the syllable is sacred to Hindus, and the Hindu community in the area wants the shopkeeper punished.

The blasphemy laws in Pakistan make it a crime to insult any religion, and if convicted, the man could face ten years in prison. Such things illustrate a problem with many religions upon the earth today, especially since they lead away from God and not towards.

Upon the earth are many religions based upon the word of man, yes, man, not woman, and definitely not the Word of God. All of the books deemed holy upon the earth, such as the Bible, Quran, Bhagavad Gītā, Pali Texts, and so on, should be burned because the translation of those texts from Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, Sanskrit, Pali, and so on, are offensive to the Holy Teaching of Heavenly Father and Mother.

Last week a Christian minister applauded the killing of fifty people in a gay nightclub in Orlando and sited a verse from the Bible as justification. The verse is from the Old Testament of the Bible, Chapter 20, and Verse 13 of Leviticus. Here is a transliteration of the Hebrew verse to Roman characters if you want to translate it for yourself.

wə·’îš ’ă·šer yiš·kaḇ ’eṯ- zā·ḵār miš·kə·ḇê ’iš·šāh tō·w·‘ê·ḇāh ‘ā·śū šə·nê·hem; mō·wṯ yū·mā·ṯū də·mê·hem bām

I do not want to print the common translation of the verse because it is blasphemous, but you can read it in any of the translations of the Bible, and to use the verse as a justification for killing gays, or anyone, is irreligious to say the least. The translation is far removed from what it actually says because the Holy Teaching is to be kind and helpful to any living being.

The Holy Text says to be helpful, and care for others as if family. God brings you the Godly Breath to live upon the earth and follow any earthly religion or not, but if you follow the teaching of kindness towards others, you will be following the Heavenly Word, and so be it.

Here is a verse from the Holy Book to think about and live with. Remember, a mover is any living being, be it a human or animal. The verse says if you hurt another living being, you will suffer equally.

To be in custody or move to the right,

To hurt a mover to be equal and move tortuously,

But to stop to be gone.

Lizard with Rocks on the Ground

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