Verse from the Veda to Act On

"The Sermon on the Mount" A painting by Carl Heinrich Bloch, 1890

“The Sermon on the Mount”
A painting by Carl Heinrich Bloch, 1890

The First of the Ten Commandments of the Christian Religion says, “Do not Kill.” As a ruling, a decree, or an edict, it seems straightforward enough, but for followers, there is confusion. I wish that Pope Francis and all the Christian Ministers and Priests would clarify the issue, so that everyone in the world will know what the proclamation means.

If they are not clear on the subject, the Sacred Hebrew and Aramaic Texts of the Bible and the Sanskrit texts of the Rigveda make it clear that it is wrong to kill another human. The Holy Texts also say that it is wrong to kill animals, birds, mammals, reptiles, and so on, for food, and certainly not for sport. The rule is nonviolence, and it must be maintained whether someone has killed another, has violated some religious belief, or is deemed an enemy of the state.

The Holy Father in Heaven is extremely clear, and says that it is wrong to harm any creature living upon the same air you live upon. The Holy Father says to go towards others to help, to be of service. That is the Holy Path, and if you are interested in spending time with the Holiest in Heaven, you need to follow the Holy Way.

Here are wise words of the Veda to think about and act on.

To exert one’s self for others separates the good from the bad.

Lizard with Rocks on the Ground

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