Verse from the Veda about Doing the Right Thing

Man and Woman

Man and Woman

There is a tremendous amount of discrimination in the world today. There is an ungodly amount of discrimination against people for their color of skin, nationality, and religion. That is plain to see, but I think, for people of any color, nationality, or religious preference, the most discriminated against group is women. The root cause of discrimination against women is not the color of skin or nationality, the culprit is the earthly religions.

There is one God in Heaven for all the earth and God loves diversity. Look around. Every nook and cranny is filled with life, and all creatures live upon the same air. Remember, that which is not earth is heaven, and the Heavenly Breath maintaining every creature throughout, comes to with love. God does not discriminate, and such is the Holy Rule. If the earthly religions of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and so on, want to be true to the Holy Word, the religion must hold to the Divine Principle of Non-Discrimination.

Here is a Verse from the Veda about Doing the Right Thing.

The rising sun scatters the darkness and cleanses with the light,

the radiance brings happiness and happiness is an excellent gift,

and to give to anyone anywhere is the Universal Wisdom of Equality.

Lizard with Rocks on the Ground

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