Verse from the Veda about Doing the Right Thing

Holy Person Healing the Sick

Holy Person Healing the Sick

The Holiest of Holy Axioms of our Father in Heaven is carved in stone upon Mother Earth. It is said to have been carved into stone upon a mountain by the very hand of God. The Holy Maxim is carved in stone in the lowlands as well, and has been preserved since ancient times. It can be viewed today, because it has been carved into the walls of ancient Egyptian and Mayan temples. The Holy Text of Holy Father has also been preserved via the written character, and the Arabic text of the Quran, the Hebrew and Aramaic texts of the Bible, the ancient Avestan, Pali, and Sanskrit texts have a consistent message of non-violence for the people of the earth.

The Sacred Message is everywhere, but carved in stone; because if you have an interest in enjoying the Fruit of Heaven, you must be solid… you must be firm in your commitment to not killing any living, breathing creature. If you kill another human, you are not doing the right thing. If you kill an animal, bird, or fish, your actions are not in accordance with the Holy Path. If you eat the flesh of animals, birds, or fish, you are a supporter of killing.

Everyone is given a body and the Heavenly Breath to live with, and to have the power to support God’s Holy Rule. The Holy Rule is “Do Not Kill” and if you do not, what do you think will happen to you? In that regard, here is what can be said, “If you do not follow Rule Number One, your chance of experiencing the Heavenly State is nil.”

Here is a verse from the Veda about doing the right thing.

To exert one’s self for God and Heaven,

It is wrong to injure.

To exert one’s self for God and Heaven,

Go towards others to help,

And to help with the Heavenly Breath.

Rocks on the Ground

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