Verse from the Veda about the Heavenly and Earthly Breath

"The Sermon on the Mount" A painting by Carl Heinrich Bloch, 1890

“The Sermon on the Mount”
A painting by Carl Heinrich Bloch, 1890

According to the latest statistics, people in the United States are becoming less and less religious. Although young adults attend church, pray, and believe in God less than adults, both groups have seen a decline. It still appears that about ninety percent of older adults believe in God, but interestingly, only sixty-three percent are absolutely certain God exists.

It is shocking that the existence of God is questioned when it is so obvious. The ancient spiritual texts of the world are uniform in saying that the breath is God. To create the universe, the Creator separated into two parts, male and female, and just as, the breath is two. The God or Heavenly Breath is inhaled by all living creatures, and the exhaled breath is called the Goddess or Earthly Breath. Both are necessary for life.

The Heavenly Breath comes to all living beings, and the Heavenly One says every creature has the same right to happiness, and brings the Holy Breath and the sunshine to all to do so. So that all our brothers and sisters can live in peace, the Supreme Being says, “Do not kill any living creature.” It is a simple message, but hard to follow, and now-a-days in this mixed up world, there are many so-called religious groups killing in the name of God. To top it off, there are many on the other side using religion as a basis to kill the killers. Yes, and when you get a little away from it, you can see that there is no difference in the groups.

Here is a verse from the Veda about the Heavenly Breath.

Heaven calls on from the state above for the endeavor to obtain, and the place frequented by all is away from to go towards the despondent with a smile as the Protector and approaching with prayers.

Lizard with Rocks on the Ground


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