Verse from the Veda about the Holy Path to Good Fortune


There are many titles for the spiritually enlightened, and one sure way to attain the title is to master the philosophy and abandon the ego. All Enlightened Beings adhere to the same philosophy, the wisdom that guided them to the Heavenly State. Because the ancient texts refer to a Buddha you might easily think they promote the Buddhist Religion, but please bear in mind, it is not Buddhism as is currently taught. The religion today is devoid of the Authority, God, the Divine Absolute, while the Philosophical System of AH is the Universal Doctrine of. The teaching refers to a Buddha, the Awakened One, the King, the one who has abandoned the ego and gone beyond to heaven, but lives to serve all living beings upon the earth.

Buddha is a Sanskrit word that means liberated from all existence, fully enlightened, awakened, expanded, blown, a wise person, a Sage, or the perfect knowledge. Similar Sanskrit words are bud, budh, buddhi, bodha, and bodhi. I feel it is kind of enjoyable repeating the words, kind of funny, maybe because the word buddhi sounds a bit similar to booty, which is something quite different.

Another thing that is kind of funny is that among the words you will discover that there are two couples. Bodha and Bodhi are a couple, just as, Buddha and Buddhi.

I have mentioned some of the meanings to the word Buddha, and Buddhi is the way to become. A person becomes a Buddha through reason, judgment, intelligence, perception, intention, and discernment. The other couple of Bodha and Bodhi are kind of opposite. Bodhi is the Perfect Knowledge, Perfect Wisdom, the Illuminated or Enlightened Intellect, the Tree of Wisdom under which the Perfect Wisdom is attained, the Sacred Fig Tree, or the learned. Whereas Budha is the knowing, understanding, becoming or being awake, the opening of a blossom, the bloom, perception, apprehension, and intelligence.

The One who was Awakened is widely believed to have taught the Four Noble Truths, but such is not the truth. The Truths are said to be that life brings suffering, that there is a cause of suffering and an end, and the way to the end is the Eightfold Path. The Eightfold Path is the precise view, aspiration, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration. The teaching of a Buddha is different than that, and extremely important when walking the Good Path to Good Fortune is the Universal Rule of the Eternal Spirit Pervading the Universe; do not take away the enjoyment of the sunshine and the Heavenly Breath of any living, breathing creature.

The philosophical system the Buddha taught is called Nyāya, and according to the Sanskrit Dictionary, it means the right way, right manner, model, or plan, the Universal Rule, a logical argument, and a system of philosophy delivered by Gotama. And such is the philosophy advanced by the Rgvedaschool, because such is the way to attain a name of Buddha.

Here are a few words from your Heavenly Protector to think about and act upon.

To hurt on the earth is an error to surrender for Whom to be together with, to have good fortune by giving and to be strong giving for in this manner the community wins.

rgvedaschool winter ground

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