Verse from the Veda for the Day with God

Mayan Calendar

In ancient Times, the year was three hundred and sixty days, separated into twelve months of thirty days. It was during the last Golden Age upon the earth and life was joyful, harmonious, peaceful, and ordinary people attained a high state of consciousness. Thousands of years have passed since then, and the earth descended into the Dark Age of Kaliyuga, an unfortunate time to be living. As the year became longer, the ancients considered any days beyond a three hundred and sixty day year to be unlucky.

The Rigveda, the oldest spiritual text in the world, mentions the year of three hundred and sixty days. A verse from the Christian Bible indicates that the ancient Hebrews also used a calendar of twelve months of thirty days each. Many of the oldest civilizations upon the earth utilized a three hundred and sixty day year, such as the ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, and in the western hemisphere, the Olmecs, Mayans and Aztecs.

Because there are three hundred and sixty degrees in a circle, at one time there were three hundred and sixty days in a year. If there were three hundred and sixty four, five, or six days in a year, the number of degrees in a circle would be different. Some scientists feel that because the universe is expanding, the distance between the sun and the earth is also expanding and hence, there are now more days in a year than in the past. It is a plausible explanation, but the Rgvedaschool believes in cycles, and since there was once a year of three hundred and sixty days, there will be again, and living upon the earth will once again be more joyful, harmonious, and peaceful.

The school is of the opinion that during the height of each Golden Age upon the earth, the year will contain exactly three hundred and sixty days. It will be a fortunate time to be alive, but how it happens is open for debate. The height of the last Golden Age occurred in 11,500 BC and the next will occur in 7700. Unfortunately, there are thousands of years to go, but today, a person can learn about the teaching and techniques for attaining the highest state of consciousness and overcoming the dilemma. Yes, the teaching advanced by the Rgvedaschool is the knowledge of the Heavenly Father, and the goal is to reach the heavenly state upon the earth where time will not exist.

As the earth travels in a 26,000-year cycle, something must happen, but what it is, the school does not know. However, it understands that in ancient times, three hundred and sixty days in a year were observed.

Here is a verse from the Veda for enjoying the year with Brahma.

In a circle with twelve petals the earth revolves around the sun with the truth that endures forever like heaven and the wind to bring into the state is the foundation for a child to stand together with, to and from is a pair and night and day and seven hundred and twenty in an indestructible circle.

Rgvedaschool Ground - Moon Craters

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