Verse from the Veda for the Day to be a Shining One

The Last Supper by Simon Ushakov, 1685

The Last Supper by Simon Ushakov, 1685

There are many books on the market and wide-speculation on the internet about the identity of the Shining Ones. Many writers believe they were connected with the rise of civilization, the advancement of writing, technology, and government in Sumer, Egypt, Persia, India, the Americas and elsewhere. Many believe them to be angels, or extraterrestrials, or in other words, non-human.

There has been enough speculation about the beings around these days to keep a person occupied for many years. However, while translating the Rigveda and other ancient spiritual texts, I encountered the Shining Ones, not in physical reality, but in translation.

The Sanskrit word “Deva” is a word we understand in English as divine or heavenly, but another translation of the word is Shining Ones. In the Wilson and Griffith translations of the Rigveda, the ancient gods, the Maruts, are the sons of Rudra and good friends of Indra. In their translations, the Maruts “shine in bright attire, on their fair limbs lay their golden ornaments… They drive away each adversary from their path… mighty Warriors… demon-slayers, never growing old… shining brightly as the suns… exceedingly wise… bounteous givers… self-luminous… they sing the God-given hymn… shakers of the earth… they made the mountains fall… O Maruts, come to us with full protecting help, as lightning flashes seek the rain” and so on. But if one looks in the Sanskrit Dictionary, a Marut is a child of heaven, a god of the wind or the breath, and a flashing or Shining One.

A person can continue to speculate about them, but the Shining Ones spread around the world in ancient times and their only mission was to serve the people of the earth, and illustrate the Path to Heaven. They were a worldwide phenomenon during the Golden Age, and for one to be a Shining One today, follow the teaching of their guidebook. They were the Buddhas, the Magi, Priest Kings, Messiahs, and so on, and a hallmark of their teaching and its mastery was to be shining with light, to be a Shining One.

The Shining Ones were not extraterrestrials, but born of a mother and father just like every other human being who has walked the earth. They were just like us, but they were followers of the Rigveda, and through a mastery of the techniques outlined in the text they became a Shining One. They shined with light, not just a glow about the head as illustrated in some religious paintings, but a body of light.

The last Shining One to walk the earth was Buddha Shakyamuni, who lived three to four thousand years ago. It is a given, that to become awakened, enlightened, one glows with light. That is how you will know a being is enlightened, that a being can talk with God. If a person says they can communicate with God and cannot glow with a body of light, do not believe them. It is a requirement, and no one has been glowing with a light strong enough to illuminate a room in many thousands of years simply because the True Path to God disappeared with the passing of the last Messiah from the earth.

Actually, the True Path never disappeared, but became misunderstood. All along, it has been locked up in the Rigveda, the Bible, the Quran and all the other ancient spiritual books of the earth. Yes, these books contain the very knowledge the Shining Ones mastered to become enlightened. The knowledge was locked up in the ancient Sanskrit, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic texts, until the Rgvedaschool came along and discovered the code for unlocking the door.

Here is a mantra from the Veda for the Day to be a Shining One.

All the Shining Ones take their seat upon highest heaven and are as imperishable as the Sacred Hymns for helping those of the earth who do not know the brightest light comes together with perfect knowledge for knowing the Lord.

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