Verse from the Veda for the Day with Brahma

The Golden Age - Fresco by Pietr da Corto

The Golden Age – Fresco by Pietr da Corto

The Rgvedaschool has repeatedly stated that the same teaching is promoted in all the ancient Holy Texts of the world and it bears repeating. They are the Word of God, the Holy Teaching on how to live happily upon the earth as one family.

The School is of the belief that happened in the past. The literature speaks of four ages or Yugas upon the earth, Kali, Dvapara, Treta, and Satya. This coincides with the age of iron, bronze, silver and gold of the ancient Greeks. The Kaliyuga, the Dark Age of the World, has recently ended, although darkness will remain a feature of earthly existence for a long time to come. Before and after Kaliyuga was Dvaparayuga, which is the age we are in now, although there is a huge difference now to then. At that time, the world was sinking further into the darkness, whereas now we are rising from.

The Founder of the Veda School, Rishi Kanva Ghaura, lived during the Third Age, Tretayuga, which ended about 3,000 BC. It is during Tretayuga that temple building occurred all over the world. Many of the great stone figures and structures erected during that time still stand today. Civilization is said to have arisen in the Third Age, the Indus Valley Civilization of Northwestern India was born, and Sumer in the fertile valleys of Mesopotamia.

The Fourth Age of the world is called Satyayuga, or the Golden Age, and it started well before the Ice Age and ended after, in 7,000 BC. Before the Ice Age, the popular belief is that humans were living in small hunter-gatherer groups, and after, with the introduction of farming and the domestication of animals, towns sprung up, and from towns, civilizations. The Golden Age is a period of time when people’s thinking ability is heightened and the world is more peaceful and harmonious. How this happens is open for debate, but one way is that the electromagnetic field of the earth changes as the solar system travels through space. Valery Hunt showed in the shielded Mu Room in the Physics Department of UCLA that as the electromagnetic field was altered so were the participants’ experience. They experienced fatigue and incoherent thought as the field was altered, and as the field became more coherent, so did the physiology and thinking ability. Dr. Hunt documented her work in a wonderful book called the Infinite Mind, published in 1989. She carried out some important work on the effect of the energy field around us on our health, and if you are interested, the book has recently been reissued as an eBook.

The four Yugas span a period equal to the twelve houses of the Zodiac, 26,000 years. We recently entered the second age of Dvaparayuga and it coincides with the Age of Aquarius, the Water Bearer. The Sanskrit word is Kumbha, and is a jar, a water-pot, or the religious exercise of closing the nostrils and mouth and suspending breathing. With proficiency in that important religious exercise, a Water Bearer, a Buddha, will arise in this age for giving water with compassion to all living beings as an example of the teaching.

Recently I wrote a little about the Mayans and their misinterpretation of the Sacred Teaching of their Teacher, Kulkulkan. The Mayans misunderstood the writings on the walls of the Temple of Inscriptions and the Sacred Calendar given to them. Like many others during the Dark Age, they sacrificed the living in an attempt stop the end of the world, and as you know, the world did not end during the month of December in 2012, as they believed. No, what they thought would be the end, was the beginning. The new age has begun upon the earth and extending one’s self before the Creator with Full Body Prostrations is a far, far better way of sacrificing. No one gets hurt and you become healthier.

Here is a mantra from the Veda for the Day with Brahma.

To come to extend one’s self before and that, to be honest, transforms the bad for sitting down with distinction and arousing, yes, love and compassion and to worship and prostrate to discover a shine, and just as, to obtain a place of rest.

If you are not sure how to do Full Body Prostrations, please see the section called Prostrations. You will find it under Enlightenment Techniques.

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