Verse from the Veda for a Day with Brahma

Vyasa - Believed to have scribed the Rigveda around 3,000 BC.

Vyasa – Believed to have scribed the Rigveda around 3,000 BC.

On occasion, people ask questions on this site. The school is fine with that, in fact, it welcomes them. That is how people learn, and the school is all about learning. To respond to a question you must be a student in the school or a follower of this site and there is a place below for a person to type in their email address and click the ‘Follow’ button. It is just about to the bottom, but just above a list of links where you will find the Sacred Text of the Sacred Knowledge written in Sanskrit, Aramaic, Arabic, Hebrew and many other languages. That is where the knowledge is held, and held in secret until the Rgvedaschool discovered the secret to translating the texts.

To become a follower of the site is the first step. The next step is to keep in mind that the Rgvedaschool only writes about one subject – the Sacred Knowledge of Enlightenment. The school puts all its effort into fashioning the wisdom to be as clear as possible. Because the teaching disappeared as a practice many thousands of years ago, it is a bit confusing upon the earth. People have the opportunity to follow many roads, but at the end, all roads but one are dead end. Now-a-days, in place of the Ancient Way, many religions and spiritual practices have sprung up with only bits and pieces of the truth. All the major religions upon the earth claim a divine connection, yet it is meager. It is hoped that by reading the posts and pages of this site you will come to understand the way to heaven, to freedom from suffering, to Awakening. At this time, you will not find the knowledge anywhere else but on this site, and since it is quite different from what you have been led to believe, you could have questions.

There are many facets to the gem of enlightenment, and presently the school is laying down the foundation. That is the first step for the school and another step for you, other than becoming a follower, is to read all the posts and pages on this site, and as you read the material and think about it, I think you will find a philosophy that makes sense. I believe you will find a philosophy where everything fits together perfectly, a way to become whole.

Then, if you have questions, please ask. The school will be delighted to reveal what the Supreme One says on the subject. It may take a bit of time to answer your question in a post, but that is something we have plenty of upon the earth.

Here are words from the Veda for the day with the Supreme Absolute.

The ignorant should ask about the Way from One who knows and knows as no one else, only in that way is victory given to people.

To be ignorant or have great wisdom and to be blessed with to ask for, to be far greater with the wind for the Holy Word and both are wonderful for gifting.



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