Verse from the Veda for a Day with Brahma

Horn of PlentyLiving our life according to the teaching is living in harmony with the natural world, and living in harmony with the natural world is easier if we live closer to the natural world. All living beings share the same breath of the Creator so it is natural that we all live together as one big happy family. All breathing creatures living upon the earth are our relations who have died and been reborn, so we can all live together.

Plants and vegetables are like us, the other half of us. We exhale carbon dioxide that plants need and they release oxygen that we need – a symbiotic relationship. The blood rushing through their veins for nourishing limbs is green and not red like ours, but it is much the same. That is the basic relationship, but it is much deeper. If you are interested in reading further, please check out The Secret Life of Plants and Secrets of the Soil by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird.

The plant kingdom has fed our relations upon the earth for a long, long time, and for the last 150,000 years people who look pretty much like we do today. People who look like we do have mostly consumed a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and in the grand scheme of things, it has only been recently that people have begun eating a diet heavy on the flesh and blood of relatives.

Recently, the school has written about the Inca, Mayans, and Aztecs of the Western Hemisphere, and by the time European explorers arrived, those three cultures carried out the ritual killing and eating of others to the extreme. They had completely forgotten or misinterpreted the teaching of their founder, the Teacher who taught about peace and going towards others to help.

The Sacred Text says to go towards others with kindness for being helpful, so obviously, it is against killing, and a vegetarian diet is a must if the hope is heavenly bliss. Yes, do not kill or eat your ancestors who have died and been reborn. There is no free ride to heaven; heaven is a reward for living in harmony with the natural world and the teaching of the One who creates it all.

Here is a mantra of the Holy Teaching of the Creator.

To hurt on the earth is an error to surrender for Whom to be together with, good fortune from giving and to be strong giving, for in this manner the community wins.

Sacred Syllable AH

Sacred Syllable AH

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