Verse from the Veda for a Day with Brahma

Sacrifice Mayan Style

Sacrifice Mayan Style

The Sacred Teaching of the Veda is to enjoy a favorable fortune, good luck. The other day I read a few pages of Diego de Landa’s Account of the Affairs of Yucatan, and therein is a story of bad luck, the thing to avoid. He wrote the book in the sixteen hundreds when he was a missionary there, and in the book, he said the first Spaniard to reach the Yucatan was Geronimo de Aguilar in 1511. On the way, the ship sank and twenty survived to spend thirteen days in an open boat without food. Only half survived the tortuous affair to reach land where five were captured by the Mayans, sacrificed to their gods, and eaten at a feast. The story went something like that, very difficult weeks for some and it did not end well.

During the Dark Age of the Kaliyuga human sacrifice was practiced all over the world, carried out in the name of religion. Yes, religion and whether or not the practice is over today is up for debate. The basic premise for such horrendous behavior was and is the belief that such and such a make-believe god will be appeased by the sacrifice of life and be favorable to them. Ignorance was very pronounced in the Dark Age and many religions strayed far from the Holy Path. Whether they have cleaned up their act is up for debate, but the foundation is do not kill or harm any breathing creature.

The Sanskrit word Kali means the Age of Discord, or vice, or the losing die of a dice. Luckily, we have entered a new era, and even though ignorance and misery will remain a feature of earthly existence for a long time to come, the knowledge to put to an end has returned for those interested in helping turn things around.

I can tell you that God likes when you sacrifice yourself for others. In fact, that is how one becomes enlightened and enjoys heavenly bliss, and lives as an example of the Holy Teaching for all living beings. Yes, that is what Brahma likes. A breath from heaven comes to all living beings to bring to life, and the teaching is to go towards others as a Protector of life. Yes, turn away from the sacrificing priest and be with the High Priest by sacrificing for all God’s children.

Here is a verse from the Veda to enjoy the day with your Creator in heavenly bliss.

Divine Mother is beautiful and everlasting,

And to dawn in to be adorned with the same radiant garment.

The life of a mortal is limited and born again and again,

But with skill to separate from the hunter like a bird and fly off.


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