Verse from the Veda for a Day with Brahma

Buddha in Meditation

The Rigveda is the world’s oldest spiritual text, and was first written in Sanskrit about four thousand years ago. It is associated with India, but the same wisdom appears in all the ancient Sacred Texts of the world, in both the eastern and western hemispheres. The Sacred Knowledge is all over the place, but the funny thing is, the teaching is currently almost unknown in the world. There is no religion upon the earth holding to the Ancient Tradition. It is just me in the wilderness with a few followers in distant forests, and the site where the teaching is posted is almost impossible to find.

The Rigveda is an obscure text which is sad since it is such a marvelous text, and quite unique in the world in being a dialogue between God and a human, a Rishi. Every other text or potion of that I have translated has a single speaker, the Divine Absolute, so you have it from the Authority. I think it is important to know the Authors of the Holy Texts, since the Creator did not carve a few things to avoid doing in stone on a mountaintop. All of the ancient Holy Texts were spoken aloud by the One who knows everything for people to hear. At some point in time, the text was copied into books or scrolls and such and appeared all over the world in many languages.

The Rigveda and really, all of the ancient texts are quite funny. To me, every verse has a bit of humor in it, and the teaching is impeccable. It is a philosophy wrapped around the breath of life, and the “to and from” action of giving and breathing. The teaching is believable and understandable, and I think the more you come to know about it, the greater mysteries of life will be clarified. Life will still have mysteries but the great question of God or not and the path to heaven will not be a question.

The school publishes the teaching of Grandfather so that all the grandchildren around the world will know the Sacred Knowledge of Giving. It is through compassion for others and the mastery of the breath that one becomes enlightened and enjoys a state of heavenly bliss, and lives as a protector of all God’s creatures.

Sorry about rambling, I was going to write about the Sacred Text in the western hemisphere, and offer some speculations about the Mayans, the Incas, and the Aztecs, and their association with the Rigveda. I will pick up the story next time, and in the meantime, here is a verse from the Veda for enjoying the day with Grandfather.

It is heard that tranquility directs becoming

Yet everyone strives to be active.

Before the Teacher to be inactive

and attentive to the sound,

To be present with to move in the strong.


10 thoughts on “Verse from the Veda for a Day with Brahma

  1. There are truly some impressive ideas concerning Enlightenment and being of help to the human condition on this site. It is sad what is happening in the Middle East to the Palestinian people, very sad, so many innocent people being massacred indiscriminately and all the “righteous” countries of the world just stand and watch. It is not just there, but all over the world, there is so much fighting. In the world, so few promote peace, when peace is the cure.
    Thanks. I enjoy your site. Keep up the good work you do in the name of compassion for others in this very difficult time.


  2. Nice job incorporating so much useful information. Thanks for the great post. Many people might be in contrast to it, but what you say is true.


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