Verse from the Veda for a Day with Brahma

It was a long, slow process coming upon the true meaning of the Sanskrit Texts of the Veda, since the True Teaching of God has been unknown for so long. The earliest commentator of the Rigveda was Yaksa and around 700 BC he said the text was meaningless. He was a Sanskrit scholar who authored a book on obscure words from the Veda, and since he did not understand the text, the knowledge of enlightenment had already disappeared from the earth. Yes, and just in time for the Kaliyuga, the Dark Age of the World where no awakened being, no Buddha, no Magian, no Priest King, no Shining One graces the earth.

It was a slow process coming upon the knowledge of the breath but I got it and to come upon the Prime Mover was the key. When I began translating the Rigveda, I sought the help of the Source and any translation that included the English meaning of each word of the mantra, and one such book is Rgveda for the Layman by Shyam Ghosh. It is a newish book, coming out a little over ten years ago.

I think most people who attempt to read and understand the ancient text agonize over the identity of the many gods associated with it like Indra, Agni, Soma, Surya, Mitra, Varuna, Aryaman and such. I agonized over them but here is the thing, the gods are little more than untranslated Sanskrit words, and when the words are translated the gods disappear so there is nothing to agonize over.

The Ashvins are the twin gods in the old translations. The Sanskrit word means being possessed of horses, the horseman, horse tamer, the Two Divinities, physicians and such, and in Rgveda for the Layman, Mr. Ghosh says that the twins represent respiration, the inhalation and exhalation of breath. Many strange and wonderful hymns of the couple appear in the old translations of the Rigveda. The Divine Couple cause a barren cow to yield milk, raise Atri from a well like his wish, save a bird from the mouth of a wolf, make the aged young again, carry Bhrigu for three days and nights over the dry bed of the sea, return sight to the blind, and so on. Yes, the twins are associated with many great deeds.

Brahma is One and separates into male and female, heaven and earth, day and night, inhalation and exhalation. The breath from heaven is a promise from the Creator for living, and for being a Buddha, the Sacred Act of giving to everyone upon the earth just like Brahma.

Allegorical Words from the Veda to enjoy the day with your Creator and Sustainer.

The Two Divinities wait upon one like attendants

and for pursuing the Path

to be auspicious to be like calves following a loving Mother,

to be auspicious is favored

and among the discerning to be the finest milk cow.


5 thoughts on “Verse from the Veda for a Day with Brahma

    • Hello Gede,
      It was a pleasure to read your note. You are the first to comment on the site so I now know it is possible. Thanks much and have a great day of Brahma. Please stop by again.
      All the Best to ya,
      Rishi Peterson
      An Ancient Tradition Today


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