Verse from the Veda for a Day with Brahma

First Page of the Hebrew Bible

First Page of the Hebrew Bible

The Sacred Text of the Veda is the knowledge of Brahma, the Supreme Absolute, for becoming a Buddha. The Rishis associated with the Rigveda were of a lineage that became Buddhas, and with Shakyamuni Buddha, the lineage ended and the knowledge of enlightenment disappeared. The root texts to all the major religions upon the earth are still with us today but written in Hebrew, Aramaic, Sanskrit, Pali, Avestan, or some other ancient languages and none are particularly understandable today. All of the ancient spiritual texts are the word of God but the translations are anything but.

People have vocalized the mantras, verses, of the Rigveda for a long time without having any idea of their message. Singing and chanting the mantras of Brahma in the Sanskrit language is hugely popular these days. People have lots of fun singing the mantras, and years ago before moving to the woods, I sang regularly with a group and a wonderful energy would build up within the space for breathing in and feeling peaceful. There is great value in that and a reason for praising, but it is far more important to know the message of the mantras.

The message of Grandfather is to be a kind and giving person and living on the earth peacefully and happily with all living beings, as if we are brothers and sisters. We are all descendants of Divine Mother and Father, so I guess that makes us a family.

Here is a verse from the Veda to enjoy the day with Brahma.

Chanting together is enjoyable for people and refreshing while busy at their tasks, the wind comes from far away along a common path and to the diligent in offering with kindness, to bring the perfect force to stimulate the Holy Word.

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