Verse of the Month

The other day I was speaking with an atheist and he said that God was a shared illusion. I got a chuckle out of it but it’s not a correct assumption because the Supreme Spirit pervading the universe is the homogenous breath that everyone lives on, so life is really a shared reality.

In some religious circles, especially Mahayana Buddhism, the Sanskrit word “māyā” is translated as illusion when it actually means supernatural power, wisdom, or the Source of the visible universe. In Buddhism, the belief is that we misunderstand reality, and sure, most people would probably agree that there is a lot of misunderstanding in the world today. The Buddhist belief, however, is that people and objects are empty of real essence and appear like a magician’s illusion. Kind of confusing because the universe seems real enough, and when a person is suffering the pain is real enough. The illusion for most is that at the end of this life either heaven is waiting or the cold dark ground, the end. Both beliefs are incorrect even though Brahma says there a two possibilities, either a person abandons worldly existence for those of worldly existence and enjoys heavenly bliss, or the cold dark ground followed by rebirth of a mother and not necessarily human.

The prime method for filling one’s self with real essence is to expel as much air as possible from the body and inhaling a breath to fulfillment… grasp for as much breath as possible filling with the Supreme Spirit and holding in stillness. The exact method of doing this is not given in the Sacred Text but is similar to the “Vase Breathing Technique”. The text says that through the mastery of the technique the Sacred Syllable AH will arise from the womb and the nectar of AH to delight in. And that is just the beginning because the method is also utilized for generating the light and the stream of speech within a Buddha, and yes, these are the very words published by the Rgvedaschool.

The breath of life comes from Brahma, from heaven, and this is the way to be together with. Look, if you don’t want to be with while you are alive and able, why do you think God will want to be with you after you are dead?

Because of the importance of stopping worldly occupation by holding to the breath in stillness with God, here are three more verses from the Rgveda. Only the first half of the verses is given… words spoken by the wind a long time ago.

1. A coverer to conduct as I do and the wind to bear fruit, a Lord and Master to hold to in fulfillment in meditation in the early morning and in stillness to acquire for one’s self the stream to sing of eternal happiness.

2. To hold on to obtain peace of mind for in fulfillment to fix the mind, to stay with Brahma the wind sound is a certainty and to call on a friend to roar is favorable in the fourth note of the scale with AH.

3. To suffer mentally is a cause to weep and to be a King to be in fulfillment and to fix the mind to be present with in stillness; a reward is to be at hand to show attaining and to be strong serving.

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