Verse of the Week

The word Rgveda in Sanskrit means the Sacred Text of the Sacred Knowledge. The Sacred Knowledge is not just available in the ancient book referred to as the “Rig Veda” but is contained in all the ancient spiritual texts. It is unfortunate that the translation of the world’s key religious texts is so poor because the world is in a mess because of it. For those interested in knowing the truth of the matter, the Rgvedaschool has discovered the correct method for translating the ancient texts. It is worth noting that all of the texts promote the same philosophy of giving and the goal of becoming enlightened… becoming a Buddha and living for all beings. It is the teaching of the Creator, the Divine Absolute, and referred to as the Philosophical System of AH, the Path, the Middle Way, and so forth, and teaches compassion for all beings. The Absolute decided long ago that if a person is to have compassion for all beings the ego must be abandoned. Only in that way can one give to others without obstruction. Here’s a short mantra about such things. It’s a mantra associated with Tibetan Buddhism and chanted in Sanskrit, but it’s great to know what it says. It begins with OM… OM in Sanskrit means yes.

Yes, an enthusiast of a Buddha is great if the impulse for those is to abandon the ego.

One thought on “Verse of the Week

  1. If you can carry peoples respect, the chances of retaining them are greatly increased. I express my gratitude for your time and consideration.


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