Verse of the Week from the Veda

Rgveda in Sanskrit means the Sacred Text of the Sacred Knowledge. The world’s most ancient teachings are called Shruti because they were orally transmitted from generation to generation through the spoken word. To preserve the teaching through the Kaliyuga, the Dark Age of Humanity, the knowledge was written down. The method was effective because we are now on the other side and the Rgveda has reemerged.

Every so often the school comes across verses in the Sacred Text which we allude to as The Divine Child. They are not about some out-of-the-ordinary child of miraculous birth, but any child. The verses say life after life until a person masters the teaching, so yes, I have lived countless lives. Very little is said in the text about the in-between other than stillness, but at some point a being is drawn back and is born again on the earth.

Since this is a verse from the Rgveda, the first part was spoken by Brahma, the Creator, and the second part by a Rishi, a Seer, many thousands of years ago. They suggest becoming acquainted with the Sacred Knowledge, and the only way to do that now-a-days is to become acquainted with the Introduction to the Rgveda and the Rgvedaschool and the others pages on the site. The philosophy of the Universal One is all-encompassing, and it you have questions about it do not hesitate to ask. That is what the school is for.

Here is the verse about the Divine Child, any child, from the Rgveda.

What compassion, in Divine Light they are beautiful to move and make noise, people love the divine and move in the early morning to reach for the awakened to hold.

To tremble and cry aloud and press forward to communicate at this time and announce a loss of knowledge in this manner.

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