Verse of the Week

The Holy Trinity in Hinduism is Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva (the Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer). Hinduism is said to be based upon Shruti, the sacred knowledge orally transmitted from generation to generation, and the Rgveda, the sacred text of the sacred knowledge, is Shruti. The Rgveda says that to create and maintain worldly existence Brahma splits into male and female while remaining the same. According to Shruti, the Holy Trinity is Brahma, Vishnu (God of heaven) and Lakshmi (Goddess of earth). Everyone lives with an incoming breath from heaven, from Brahma, and an outgoing breath, and to rise above worldly existence there is a third breath that rises from the womb. It is done by creating a continuous stream of the AH sound in the fourth note of the scale by making the outgoing sound identical to the incoming buzz from the nose. The breath of life is a circle – in through the nose and out of the mouth. In the sacred teaching the breath and the wind are the same. The Sacred Syllable AH is the first syllable of the Sanskrit Language and unbroken from eternity, and from it everything arises. Brahma is known by many names such as the Creator, God, Divine Absolute, Protector of the field, Teacher, Leader, One, the Universal and so on, but Brahma is our Divine Grandfather. Brahma is also equated with the sun, although supreme. The verse of the week alludes to the virtue of waking up before sunrise for prostrations and the mantra of breath, and to be glowing with the dawn. Since this is a verse from the Rgveda, the first part was spoken by Brahma, and the second part by a Rishi, a Seer, many thousands of years ago. They suggest becoming acquainted with the knowledge, and the only way to do that now-a-days is to become acquainted with the Introduction to the Rgveda and the Rgvedaschool and the others pages on the site. The philosophy is all-encompassing, so it you have questions or comments do not hesitate to post what you are thinking.

Here is the verse from the Rgveda.

Grandfather, the Protector of the universe, knows giving for to give, maintain, serve, and direct the sunshine, and to arise with has merit for to strike upon to obtain a brightness to express.

Grandfather is unborn and AH is unbroken to conduct one’s self with and to associate with the cause to AH to experience and to agree.


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  1. I do not even understand how I ended up here; however, I assume this issue was good. I do not realize who you are but certainly, you are going to be a famous blogger if you are not already. Cheers!


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