Verse of the Week

A couple of posts ago I said that killing any creature that lives on the breath of Brahma is frowned upon. Brahma is the Protector of all beings and the teaching is to do the same. On this day each year this country celebrates war and killing by setting off fireworks that simulate the sounds of machine-gun-fire, rockets, bombs of many sizes, cluster bombs, and the release of chemical agents. Here’s a verse from the Rgveda, the ancient book of wisdom, and the teaching to be with Whom (God, Brahma, Grandfather, the Universal One, etc.) is to go towards descendants for helping and protecting. In the scripture, the wind and the breath are the same, as is the body and a cover, and a coverer is the defender of a cover. The supreme sacrifice is the abandoning of the ego, the coverer.

Peace to all,

The rgvedaschool

The Creator of the universe says,

To exert one’s self for Whom to be bad to injure, live to go towards as a Protector of the field and for those the wind to come, good fortune in abandoning a coverer and to live to go towards the covered is a virtue there.

A Rishi, a person versed in the knowledge and has extraordinary perception, says,

Suffer want or enjoy heavenly bliss to speak highly of calling in peace and not injuring.

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