Verse from the Veda for a Day with Brahma

Sacrifice Mayan Style

Sacrifice Mayan Style

The Sacred Teaching of the Veda is to enjoy a favorable fortune, good luck. The other day I read a few pages of Diego de Landa’s Account of the Affairs of Yucatan, and therein is a story of bad luck, the thing to avoid. He wrote the book in the sixteen hundreds when he was a missionary there, and in the book, he said the first Spaniard to reach the Yucatan was Geronimo de Aguilar in 1511. On the way, the ship sank and twenty survived to spend thirteen days in an open boat without food. Only half survived the tortuous affair to reach land where five were captured by the Mayans, sacrificed to their gods, and eaten at a feast. The story went something like that, very difficult weeks for some and it did not end well.

During the Dark Age of the Kaliyuga human sacrifice was practiced all over the world, carried out in the name of religion. Yes, religion and whether or not the practice is over today is up for debate. The basic premise for such horrendous behavior was and is the belief that such and such a make-believe god will be appeased by the sacrifice of life and be favorable to them. Ignorance was very pronounced in the Dark Age and many religions strayed far from the Holy Path. Whether they have cleaned up their act is up for debate, but the foundation is do not kill or harm any breathing creature.

The Sanskrit word Kali means the Age of Discord, or vice, or the losing die of a dice. Luckily, we have entered a new era, and even though ignorance and misery will remain a feature of earthly existence for a long time to come, the knowledge to put to an end has returned for those interested in helping turn things around.

I can tell you that God likes when you sacrifice yourself for others. In fact, that is how one becomes enlightened and enjoys heavenly bliss, and lives as an example of the Holy Teaching for all living beings. Yes, that is what Brahma likes. A breath from heaven comes to all living beings to bring to life, and the teaching is to go towards others as a Protector of life. Yes, turn away from the sacrificing priest and be with the High Priest by sacrificing for all God’s children.

Here is a verse from the Veda to enjoy the day with your Creator in heavenly bliss.

Divine Mother is beautiful and everlasting,

And to dawn in to be adorned with the same radiant garment.

The life of a mortal is limited and born again and again,

But with skill to separate from the hunter like a bird and fly off.


Verse from the Veda for a Day with Brahma

Temple of Inscriptions

Temple of Inscriptions

There is an enormous amount of ancient spiritual texts in India and Asia and little in the west. I have read some of the Aztec Codex’s, but have not translated any so it is speculative on my part, but it is quite possibly they say something quite different from the current translations and promote the same philosophy as the Rigveda, the world’s oldest spiritual text. The Aztecs, Mayans, and Inca share a common origin, and since I have translated glyphs from the Mayan Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque and found the same teaching as the Rigveda, the knowledge of enlightenment, the probability is high that the Codex’s are the same. I believe the teaching on how to attain the title of a Buddha, an enlightened being, is the same in all the ancient spiritual texts of the world, whether in text or hieroglyphics.

The Aztecs, Mayans and Inca trace their culture to a “white” person who came from the east a long time ago, possibly during the last Golden Age that ended around 8,000 BC. He had a beard, wore a long white robe and taught about peace. The being was called Viracocha, or Votan to the Inca, Quetzalcoatl to the Aztecs, and Kukulkan to the Mayans. Viracocha was worshipped as the Creator, and it is said that after creating the universe and the sun and moon, he wandered the earth teaching to advance the people of the earth. He was the Founder of their civilization, and teacher, and I suspect was not a white person at all but someone glowing with light, similar to the Rishis, Buddhas, Magians, and Priest Kings of the east.

The words Quetzalcoatl and Kukulkan mean Plumed or Feathered Serpent. A plume can be a group of feathers or refer to an ornament, a feathery tuft of hair at the top of a headpiece for distinction. In the Sacred Sanskrit Texts of the east it is called a Kesha, a tuft of hair at the crown of the head is attained on becoming enlightened, a mark of distinction. Kukulkan brought the calendar, writing, mathematics, astronomy, and so on to the Mayans; really, he brought them all the great accomplishments they are credited with. He also taught them to go toward the disabled, the blind, and the poor to help and to treat them with kindness. It is said that during the time the Teacher was around, there were no conflicts and no need for weapons.

By the time modern day conquerors starting arriving in the west in the 1500’s the knowledge contained in the Codex’s, and upon the walls of the Temple of Inscriptions were not decipherable. The Aztec and Mayans had no idea what the inscriptions said, in fact, the true teaching had been long forgotten just like that of the Bible, the Rigveda, the Avesta, the Pali Texts, Upanishads, and so on.

It is curious how the knowledge of enlightenment disappeared upon the earth, and probably vanished well before the advent of Kaliyuga in 700 BC, the Dark Age of Humanity. Whatever the case, we are fortunate to be out of that and into a new era, and something curious happened, the philosophy of enlightenment has returned for those who are interested. Here is a verse from the Veda to enjoy the day with your Creator in heavenly bliss.

The flames are unquenchable and mighty as the Eternal beautifies the home like a woman for shining with a wonderful luster, and what appears whitish to people is the most splendorous golden vehicle.


Sun Circle



Verse from the Veda for a Day with Brahma

Buddha in Meditation

The Rigveda is the world’s oldest spiritual text, and was first written in Sanskrit about four thousand years ago. It is associated with India, but the same wisdom appears in all the ancient Sacred Texts of the world, in both the eastern and western hemispheres. The Sacred Knowledge is all over the place, but the funny thing is, the teaching is currently almost unknown in the world. There is no religion upon the earth holding to the Ancient Tradition. It is just me in the wilderness with a few followers in distant forests, and the site where the teaching is posted is almost impossible to find.

The Rigveda is an obscure text which is sad since it is such a marvelous text, and quite unique in the world in being a dialogue between God and a human, a Rishi. Every other text or potion of that I have translated has a single speaker, the Divine Absolute, so you have it from the Authority. I think it is important to know the Authors of the Holy Texts, since the Creator did not carve a few things to avoid doing in stone on a mountaintop. All of the ancient Holy Texts were spoken aloud by the One who knows everything for people to hear. At some point in time, the text was copied into books or scrolls and such and appeared all over the world in many languages.

The Rigveda and really, all of the ancient texts are quite funny. To me, every verse has a bit of humor in it, and the teaching is impeccable. It is a philosophy wrapped around the breath of life, and the “to and from” action of giving and breathing. The teaching is believable and understandable, and I think the more you come to know about it, the greater mysteries of life will be clarified. Life will still have mysteries but the great question of God or not and the path to heaven will not be a question.

The school publishes the teaching of Grandfather so that all the grandchildren around the world will know the Sacred Knowledge of Giving. It is through compassion for others and the mastery of the breath that one becomes enlightened and enjoys a state of heavenly bliss, and lives as a protector of all God’s creatures.

Sorry about rambling, I was going to write about the Sacred Text in the western hemisphere, and offer some speculations about the Mayans, the Incas, and the Aztecs, and their association with the Rigveda. I will pick up the story next time, and in the meantime, here is a verse from the Veda for enjoying the day with Grandfather.

It is heard that tranquility directs becoming

Yet everyone strives to be active.

Before the Teacher to be inactive

and attentive to the sound,

To be present with to move in the strong.


Verse from the Veda for a Day with Brahma

Man and Woman

Man and Woman

To create the universe the Rigveda says Brahma separates into male and female, God of heaven and Goddess of earth. It is easy to see why God of heaven is favored by religions today, but a person will only reach the heavenly state by honoring the Goddess on earth.

Any religion favoring the male as the dominate figure is wrong, and there are many religions on the earth today that have fallen into that trap. Since Brahma separates into both, they are equal, and that is the way to behave.

If you see inequality of the sexes in your religion, consider abandoning.

If you see discrimination due to gender, color of skin, sexual preference, ancestry, and so on, really, get out. Yes, it is basic… equality is religion 101 and a must for any claiming a divine connection.

If you do not hear about kindness for all living beings, yes, compassion for every living creature upon the earth the religion is not preaching the Holy Path. If you do not hear that heaven is attained by service to heaven upon the earth or that the heavenly state is attained here, you are not hearing the Sacred Knowledge contained within the very pages of your Holy Book. You are not hearing the knowledge promoted by all of the ancient spiritual texts of the world, and composed in Sanskrit, Avestan, Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Pali, and so on.

If you follow the current teachings of Hinayana and Mahayana Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Mithraism, Judaism, or any other religion you are probably not getting very critical parts of the Sacred Message. Even by Buddhist’s own reckoning, not one person following the Buddhist Doctrine has attained Buddhahood in two-thousand five hundred years. Not one person following the teaching of Hinduism has attained Moksha, liberation from worldly existence, and proved it by attaining a body of light. Not one person following the teaching of Christianity has attained the heavenly state in the afterlife, not one.

I suggest stopping and getting out, but it depends upon your interest in religion and spirituality. You can travel the road with interest in many religions and get by, but you will find at the end that they lead to rebirth upon the earth and not necessarily human. Actually, you won’t remember that but if you are interested in attaining liberation from suffering, Moksha, Buddhahood, Western Paradise, Heaven, and so on, then you need to get on the Path to Good Fortune. Live with the good parts of your religion like going towards others for helping but get rid of the rest.

It would be nice if there were many ways to heaven but Brahma and the Rishis only speak of one. The following words are from the Rigveda, spoken by Rishi Kanva Ghaura, Founder of the Veda School. The School has a long history since Rishi Kanva was the celebrated Rishi of Tretayuga. The Third Age of the world ended about 3,000 BC, around the same time the Indus Valley Civilization in Northwestern India is said to have been at its height. Here is a verse for enjoying the day with Brahma.

“A man in Brahma and a woman in Brahma and a light for comparison.”

For good measure, here is another.

“A name of Buddha is difficult but to come from virtue and to go beyond.”

Eternal Knot

Verse from the Veda for a Day with Brahma

Words of Wisdom from your Creator and Sustainer for enjoying the day with.


Love is the Divine Creative Energy

and spreads with extraordinary power

to generate the whole beautiful shining ocean.

The principal wind to fulfillment to maintain in the navel to work for God loves to be in the abdomen,

Whose light lights the three worlds to delight in,

and the words of wisdom to destroy the ignorance of.

Eternal Knot

Verse from the Veda for a Day with Brahma

It was a long, slow process coming upon the true meaning of the Sanskrit Texts of the Veda, since the True Teaching of God has been unknown for so long. The earliest commentator of the Rigveda was Yaksa and around 700 BC he said the text was meaningless. He was a Sanskrit scholar who authored a book on obscure words from the Veda, and since he did not understand the text, the knowledge of enlightenment had already disappeared from the earth. Yes, and just in time for the Kaliyuga, the Dark Age of the World where no awakened being, no Buddha, no Magian, no Priest King, no Shining One graces the earth.

It was a slow process coming upon the knowledge of the breath but I got it and to come upon the Prime Mover was the key. When I began translating the Rigveda, I sought the help of the Source and any translation that included the English meaning of each word of the mantra, and one such book is Rgveda for the Layman by Shyam Ghosh. It is a newish book, coming out a little over ten years ago.

I think most people who attempt to read and understand the ancient text agonize over the identity of the many gods associated with it like Indra, Agni, Soma, Surya, Mitra, Varuna, Aryaman and such. I agonized over them but here is the thing, the gods are little more than untranslated Sanskrit words, and when the words are translated the gods disappear so there is nothing to agonize over.

The Ashvins are the twin gods in the old translations. The Sanskrit word means being possessed of horses, the horseman, horse tamer, the Two Divinities, physicians and such, and in Rgveda for the Layman, Mr. Ghosh says that the twins represent respiration, the inhalation and exhalation of breath. Many strange and wonderful hymns of the couple appear in the old translations of the Rigveda. The Divine Couple cause a barren cow to yield milk, raise Atri from a well like his wish, save a bird from the mouth of a wolf, make the aged young again, carry Bhrigu for three days and nights over the dry bed of the sea, return sight to the blind, and so on. Yes, the twins are associated with many great deeds.

Brahma is One and separates into male and female, heaven and earth, day and night, inhalation and exhalation. The breath from heaven is a promise from the Creator for living, and for being a Buddha, the Sacred Act of giving to everyone upon the earth just like Brahma.

Allegorical Words from the Veda to enjoy the day with your Creator and Sustainer.

The Two Divinities wait upon one like attendants

and for pursuing the Path

to be auspicious to be like calves following a loving Mother,

to be auspicious is favored

and among the discerning to be the finest milk cow.


Verse from the Veda for a Day with Brahma

Words of Wisdom from your Creator and Sustainer for enjoying the day with.

Contiguity of space is a field of three to grant bountifully

and to spread to a Buddha or a killer,

and you know,

love is produced from

and to support a beam of light with,

but for those the move is to be quiet,

for in this manner,

to teach of the cause of giving for causing the glow.

Heaven and Earth Yantra

Verse from the Veda for a Day with Brahma


May everyone have a joyous day of Brahma. Do whatever you want to do to have fun, good clean fun. No one is hurt or yelled at or whatever because the goal is that everyone is happy. Brahma created this amazing universe and this wonderful planet to be happy in… so go for it for the day.

I am going to be happy, and for me that is translating the verses of the Veda, the Sacred Knowledge of the Creator. I have done that for many years and I enjoy it so much I spend many hours completely absorbed in it every day. Today the afternoon is free, a little fire in the evening to celebrate the Solstice and herald the sun. Yes, I am going to be happy and I hope you can be as happy if not happier. Have a very happy Solstice.

Even though this is the first day of winter with lots of cold days to come, I already feel better knowing that the sun will rise a little higher in the sky for spending a little more time shining upon us every day. A little known fact is that light contains knowledge so that is no small matter, and knowing the darkest days are behind and the light becomes more direct every day for at least the next one-hundred and eighty days gives me lots of hope.

During this dark time things move a little slowly, people tend to feel more dreary and tired because of the lack of sunlight. But lo and behold, during the darkness people wish happiness on others much more frequently than normal and are much more giving. They like to lite lots of candles, wrap small flickering lights around trees and such, and decorate dwellings so everything looks bright and festive. At this time of year people like to huddle together and care for one another, as if they have just lived through a tragedy… and they have. The darkness is dreadful, and an ancient tradition for destroying the darkness is being together with others and being bright and cheerful.

During this dark time of year, people sing of the Magi, the Shining Ones, and tell stories of three of them following a star to the outskirts of a little town where a child had been born a King and to show reverence they bowed down and offered gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

I have translated verses from various ancient Holy Texts, including the Rigveda, that speak of the Magi so they must go back to very ancient times. Even so, the teaching of the Magi is the same as published by the Rgvedaschool since the school publishes Sacred Verses from the Veda and the Magians are associated with the first Veda. I have come to understand a Magi as being similar to a Rishi or a Buddha; all three names are titles, just as a King. According to the Sacred Text, a hallmark of a title is to be shining with light, to be a Shining One, and a Magi, Rishi, and a Buddha have mastered the teaching.

Here is a verse from the Holy Quran to enjoy the day with Brahma.

To be striking to attain a brightness and to be able to be one of the Magi to go and roar aloud for the discharge of poison and have light because of.


Verse from the Veda for a Day with Brahma

First Page of the Hebrew Bible

First Page of the Hebrew Bible

The Sacred Text of the Veda is the knowledge of Brahma, the Supreme Absolute, for becoming a Buddha. The Rishis associated with the Rigveda were of a lineage that became Buddhas, and with Shakyamuni Buddha, the lineage ended and the knowledge of enlightenment disappeared. The root texts to all the major religions upon the earth are still with us today but written in Hebrew, Aramaic, Sanskrit, Pali, Avestan, or some other ancient languages and none are particularly understandable today. All of the ancient spiritual texts are the word of God but the translations are anything but.

People have vocalized the mantras, verses, of the Rigveda for a long time without having any idea of their message. Singing and chanting the mantras of Brahma in the Sanskrit language is hugely popular these days. People have lots of fun singing the mantras, and years ago before moving to the woods, I sang regularly with a group and a wonderful energy would build up within the space for breathing in and feeling peaceful. There is great value in that and a reason for praising, but it is far more important to know the message of the mantras.

The message of Grandfather is to be a kind and giving person and living on the earth peacefully and happily with all living beings, as if we are brothers and sisters. We are all descendants of Divine Mother and Father, so I guess that makes us a family.

Here is a verse from the Veda to enjoy the day with Brahma.

Chanting together is enjoyable for people and refreshing while busy at their tasks, the wind comes from far away along a common path and to the diligent in offering with kindness, to bring the perfect force to stimulate the Holy Word.